July 5, 2018

What is the Uppy App? How does it work?

Uppy App - The Cannabis Health Monitor

Who are we?

Uppy is a new and innovative app for anyone who wants to optimize their medical cannabis usage. This app empowers you to precisely record and monitors your medical cannabis intake in your own personalized app diary.  

Understanding why or why not your medical cannabis is working can be tough to figure out, with Uppy the hard part is done for you. Use Uppy to record information about the strains you use regularly, your symptoms, and their severity, and most importantly your feelings post-use. Uppy will analyze this information to provide you with in-depth and personalized recommendations.

Perfect for newcomers and less organized cannabis users, Uppy eases the process of figuring out which strain works best for you and why. For seasoned cannabis users, the app works as a one-stop virtual cannabis notebook to build upon your existing knowledge and recommend new strains.  

How does it work?  

What are you feeling?  

This is the first thing we ask you when using the Uppy app. At Uppy, we believe that the key to long-lasting health is intertwined with self-knowledge. That is why we've set about creating an app that helps you map out your own journey. Our motto is: Know yourself to improve yourself.

Uppy is completely designed around empowering you to look inward at your own needs and making choices based on this information. The app will present you with a checklist of common symptoms such as anxiety, depression, cramps, irritability, and vertigo. The app will then ask you to rate the severity of these symptoms on a scale of 1-10. Based on your choices, the app will recommend a list of strains to treat your symptoms that have proved effective for other users.  

The Uppy app lets you record and monitors everything about your cannabis usage. From the strain, amount, and the reactions users gain from their usage. As well as that, customers can monitor their feelings and symptoms giving the app a better overview of their individual profile. This user feedback helps the app to tailor your recommendations in the future, and to help other users on their medical cannabis journey – as Uppy tracks and measures how well your symptoms are being handled by the strains used. Over time this revolutionary cannabis journaling tool will provide an invaluable and comprehensive overview of your body's needs and responses to various cannabis strains. Uppy AI can then provide consumers with improved suggestions of strains to help with their specific symptoms, ultimately providing you with the most positive experience from your cannabis.   

In a world increasingly insecure about data regulation, it may seem contradictory to address your anxiety symptoms with an app for cannabis use. With Uppy, all your data is kept completely anonymous, so you can use the app with peace of mind that your privacy is respected. 

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