September 12, 2018

Strain of the week Purple Kush

What is Purple Kush?

Purple Kush is a pure Indica strain originating from Oakland, California.  

Growth History

While Purple Kush was developed in Oakland, CA, its ancestry actually lies in South Asia. It is a blend Purple Afghani which is a descendant of Afghani landrace, and Hindu Kush, a landrace strain from the western Himalayas in the Pakistani-Afghanistan border.

A landrace strain is a pure cannabis strain that has never been crossed with any other strain, although they may have been inbred through several generations. As a result, these plants are usually quite stable with very few variations from one plant to another. These plants are usually 100% Indica, or 100% Sativa, and their place of origin is usually dictated in the name – as is the case of Afghani landrace and Hindu Kush.

Effects and Attributes  

Purple Kush is identifiable by its bright green leaves, mid-size flowers and tightly packed purple buds (inherited from its Purple Afghani parent).  

As a pure Indica strain, Purple Kush provides full-body relaxation with a euphoric head-high. As a more sedative strain, it’s perfect for kicking back at home after a long day at work as opposed to getting yourself pumped for a night out.  

Purple Kush usually clocks in at around 22% THC, although it can vary between 17% and 27%, while CBD on average falls in between 0.07% - 0.1%. It has an earthy, woody aroma, which develops into a fruity sweetness with hints of berry and grape when smoked.

Medical Use of Purple Kush

As an Indica strain, Purple Kush contains higher levels of myrcene and linalool which give the user a calming, sedative effect. High levels of myrcene and pinene make this strain a powerful anti-inflammatory, while Beta-carophyllene is beneficial for treating depression, anxiety and mood-related disorders. This combination of terpenes makes Purple Kush an effective pain reliever for chronic pain conditions.  


Purple Kush plants must be cloned, so you'll need to get a cutting of another plant. Because you can’t just go and buy replacement seeds it’s a good idea to keep your original plant as a Mother plant.  

Purple Kush usually measures in at less than 30cm, but these plants grow out, not up – so give your plants plenty of space to branch out. Flowering time takes 7-9 weeks, and yield is moderate-to-high with about 1-3 ounces per square foot. This plant prefers cooler climates, so set your temperature between 65°F and 75°F, with optimal harvest time for outdoor growing in late September. Kush plants are particularly greedy strains, so be sure to feed your plants heavily throughout the growth and flowering phase.  

Purple Kush produces a particularly sticky resin and as such is perfect for creating concentrates like wax or shatter.