September 27, 2018

Strain of the week Pineapple Express

What is Pineapple Express Strain?

Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, born of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian.  

Growth History

The origins for this strain are a little murky, with multiple sources claiming ownership of the name and/or strain.  

In a statement made on his twitter, Seth Rogen claimed that no strain under the name Pineapple Express existed before his 2008 stoner action comedy of the same name, and that the film itself was named after a meteorological phenomenon (also called “atmospheric river”) that results in unusually large amounts of rain in coastal areas.   

However, the name has also been attributed to a strain developed by Dutch breeders at Barney’s Farm, up to five years before the film’s actual release. The Pineapple Express strain has also been attributed to UK seed company G13 labs.  

Effects and Attributes  

If you hadn’t already guessed from the Hawaiian ancestry and a name like Pineapple Express, this strain is famous for its fruity, tropical flavors and the fresh scent of fruit salad.  

When smoked, this strain has exotic overtones of mango and pineapple, with undertones of pine and green apple. This flavor profile comes from high levels of Pinene which is responsible for the particularly pine-y aftertaste, with hits of citrus and tropical fruit from substantial amounts of Myrcene.  

Pineapple Express is recognizable for its olive colored and somewhat pebble shaped buds, with a THC percentage that often hits above 24%. Because of its high THC percentage, users should watch out for the typical side effects of high THC numbers – namely bloodshot eyes, dry mouth and paranoia. The high from this strain has also been described as a slow creeper, instead of hitting you all at once right after your first pull – so tread carefully with this sneaky hybrid. Start off small at first to see how your body responds.  

Users experience a euphoric high, that is energizing and likely to spark some lively discussions. This strain will leave you with a heady, happy high and creative juices flowing. This head high will soon give way to some slight body numbing, with a wave of relaxation flooding your limbs.  

For medical use, Pineapple Express is effective at treating anxiety and mood disorders thanks to its sativa leaning blend. It is also an effective relief for pain and lethargy, because of its energetic qualities. Some patients have also claimed that his strain provides slightly longer lasting relief than others, which is a huge plus for the economical user on a budget.


This strain has multiple phenotypes that can grow quite differently from one another depending on whether you have the more common Sativa-dominant blend or an Indica-dominant blend.  

Indica-dominant blends will grow stout and bushy, while Sativa-dominant blends will grow tall and branch out.  

Flowering time for Pineapple Express takes about 8 weeks indoors and produces a high yield of 3-6 oz per square foot. This plant is suitable for outdoor growing also, as long as you keep your plants protected from high winds. However, a gentle breeze from a fan will actually encourage your plants to strengthen as they grow, so keep this in mind when setting up your lab. Pineapple Express flourishes in moderate to warmer climates, with an optimal growing temperature between 70°F - 85°F.  

In terms of feeding, silica-based products will help to keep your stems healthy and sturdy enough to support heavier buds. Growing this plant in soil will help to preserve its infamous fruity aroma.  

This plant does require a fair amount of attention and love to thrive, so is best for intermediate growers.  

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