October 3, 2018

Strain Of The Week Hindu Kush

What is Hindu Kush?

Hindu Kush is a pure indica landrace strain from South Asia.  

Growth History

Hindu Kush is one of the original landrace strains, and is indigenous to the Hindu Kush 500 mile long mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Thanks to the harsh conditions of this region, this plant developed a thick coat of crystal trichomes to protect itself from the elements. Hindu Kush is identifiable by its large clusters of bright green buds, and sticky resinous flowers coated in silver-white crystals, which lends this strain perfectly to the making of hash products.  

Hindu Kush and other landrace seeds (like Afghani) landed in the U.S.A in the 60’s and 70’s, after American tourists brought them back home from their travels along the “hippie trail”, which stemmed from Europe, through Pakistan and all the way to India and Nepal. Since it was introduced into American cannabis culture almost 60 years ago, Hindu Kush has been crossed with so many other strains to develop new breeds, finding a true “pure” Hindu Kush in the Western Hemisphere is actually quite difficult. American and Canadian climates are also radically different than the conditions this strain would have initially developed in, so growing an authentic Hindu Kush plant in the west nowadays would be tricky. That being said, the Hindu Kush we have today is still a relatively pure strain, and is still often more potent than other novelty crossbred strains available on the market.  

Looking at the terpene profile, Hindu Kush is particularly high in carophyllene and pinene, which produce a subtle earthy, sweet aroma with notes of sandalwood.  

Effects and Attributes  

As one of the purest, OG indicas available today, Hindu Kush is renowned for its heavily sedative effects. THC levels usually fall between 15%-20%, with particularly narcotic effects. As Hindu Kush is high in carophyllene, myrcene and pinene, it is particularly effective at treating chronic pain, nausea, and stress conditions thanks to its deeply calming properties.  

This is not a good strain for daytime use, and users report heavy narcotic effects and inevitable couchlock – so if you’re looking for something more stimulating, look elsewhere. Because of this heavy physical relaxation, Hindu Kush is a good strain for promoting creative mindfulness and unwinding after a particularly stressful day, or for after you’ve completed your to-do list for the day. In large enough doses Hindu Kush is an excellent strain for promoting sleep, but some users have reported experiencing paranoia and anxiety with larger doses so unless you know your limits, proceed with caution.  


Hindu Kush is best grown indoors, and is an easy plant for beginner growers to cut their teeth on, with a good yield of 3-6 oz per square foot. These plants grow out rather than up, and usually don’t grow over 5 feet, so make sure your plants are spaced out and have plenty of room around them for lateral growth. Outdoor growing is harder, since the original plants evolved to grow in a harsh and incredibly volatile environment, but since western phenotypes have been somewhat stabilized through crossbreeding its not impossible to grow outdoors. Trim lower lying branches for increased air circulation and save trims to grow clones in the future. Indoor plants reach the flowering stage in about 7-10 weeks, while outdoor plants are ready for harvest in late October.