August 21, 2018

AK 47 Strain : A Sativa - dominant Hybrid

What is the AK-47 Strain?

AK-47 is a Sativa-dominate hybrid and in terms of aesthetic,s it can be easily identified from its distinct white markings. 

Despite it violent name AK-47 is more likely to leave you in a state of “couch lock” as it provides its users with a relaxed, mellow feeling. It’s made up from four different strains; Columbia (Sativa), Mexico (Sativa), Thai (Sativa), and Afghanistan (Indica). Most strains of AK-47 are made up from sixty-five percent Sativa and thirty five percent Indica with the THC level close to average.  

AK-47 is one of the highest rated strains in the world, it was developed in the Netherlands in 1992 by a company called Serious Seeds. Since then it has become the posterchild for all of the quality marijuana types to come out of the 90s.  

Effects of AK-47

The high from AK-47 is most often described as uplifting, the mood boosting substance is also said to be great for relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. For those with a creative side, the drug can help you focus and delve even deeper into your work. Of course, everyone’s reaction is different, and some users describe feeling giggly or just a general feeling of happiness.  

The buzz from AK-47 lasts slightly longer than other hybrid marijuana strains lasting around 3-4 hours and overall putting most individuals in a deep and relaxing mellow trance.  


Reported medical benefits of this strain are widely positive. AK-47 is well known for its ability to relieve physical pain as well as ailments including, nausea, fatigue, lack of appetite, headaches, and chronic pain. For those suffering from cancer it can also help mitigate any negative side effects associated with standardised treatments. Individuals suffering from mood disorders should consume with caution as all types of marijuana can produce stress, paranoia, and anxiety.   


The initial flavour of this strain is quite strong and can hit the taste buds with full force, however, it is said to be a pleasant sweet taste followed by earthy and floral notes. Additionally, AK-47 is pretty pungent so you may want to store it in an airtight container.  


AK-47 plants tend to be tall and wide with large calyxes. The buds are a dark green and yellow colour with plenty of crystals and fine red hairs. Most strains of this plant are grown indoors in either soil or hydro however they can be grown outdoor in fairly mild climates (below 75 degrees Fahrenheit). If grown at 75 degrees Fahrenheit the plant will produce the same yield but the buds may open and become fluffy. The plant flowers for eight to nine weeks and when grown in perfect conditions, can yield an impressive 350-500 grams per square metre.  

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