August 29, 2018

Afghan Kush : A 100% Indica Cannabis Strain

With the sweeping legalisation of cannabis across the world more and more people are finding that different strains of cannabis have different benefits. These benefits could be a boon to users when it comes to treating any ailments they suffer from, or it could just be a good way to enjoy cannabis in a way that suits your personal tastes.

Strains have been widely known for nearly as long as cannabis has been consumed. However, in recent decades new strains have become popular, cultivated, and traded on the black market. This probably led to the strange naming conventions; if you’re already selling your product illegally then you’re probably not too worried about maintaining a respectable brand image.

With the advent of widespread legislation, these strains are now available to everyone, so it only makes sense to give newcomers a window into the world of cannabis strains. Today we’re going to look at Afghan Kush.

What is Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is a nearly 100% Indica strain. These strains are squatter and wider than other strains. They induce a body high which is great for relaxation. You can expect the munchies because Afghan Kush is a big appetite stimulator. If you’re having trouble with chronic pain or insomnia then an Indica strain is a must. Ideally, you’ll want to use an Indica strain for nighttime use.

Afghan Kush buds are often compact and covered in trichomes, and it has the broad leaves of Indica types.

Earthy Tones

Afghan Kush is grown in the Hindu Kush mountain range naturally and with little in the way of chemical pesticides. It has a distinctive, earthy smell that some may find a bit overwhelming. It is recommended that you store your Afghan Kush in smell proof container to prevent the smell from sticking to your hair and clothes!

When smoked, Afghan Kush has a sweet taste similar to its smell. It has a plethora of trichomes, which indicate a very high THC content.  

Body High

Afghan Kush causes an intense body high. This means that you can expect a heavy, relaxing, and sleepy high. It also causes a euphoria that can be incredibly blissful. As with many Indica strains, Afghan Kush stimulates your appetite.

A note of caution; overusing Afghan Kush can lead to massive levels of lethargy making it hard to move. Some users may find this distressing. Other negative effects include red eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, and on occasion paranoia.

Who Is It Good For?

Ideally, this is a night time strain. This is best used when you’re winding down and relaxing. It isn’t a party strain, unless we’re talking about a slumber party.

For medicinal users, Afghan Kush is fantastic for anyone suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

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