August 9, 2018

How to Keep a Cannabis Journal to Track Your Consumption

While most people choose one of two major types of marijuana, there are so many different strains being developed that it's hard to tell the difference. Starting a cannabis journal could be the way to understand what your favourite strains are and how they differ.

Rather than just buying at random, your cannabis journal can help you become an aficionado and to get the most out of your marijuana use.

Here are six of the most important things to track in your cannabis journal.

1. Make Note of Flavors

Before you smoke a new strain of marijuana, clean out your glass pipe. If you prefer to smoke a joint or vape, that works as well. Just make sure there are a few obstacles between you and the flavour of your marijuana as possible.

Every strain will have a different flavour. While some will be sprayed with artificial flavouring, others will have a natural richness to them.

If you like something a little more flavorful, you might enjoy an artificial or sugary flavour added to your marijuana. Otherwise, it can be a distraction.

If you're trying edibles, take a note of what flavours come through and make sure to find out what the strain they're made with was. It's common for some of the flavours of the marijuana in an edible to leave flavour notes in even the richest and tastiest edibles.

2. List Your Cravings

You probably want to also know how a marijuana strain affects you beyond its flavour. If a particular strain makes you thirstier or hungrier than usual, make a note of this. Everyone reacts differently to different strains.

There are some strains that will have you reaching for the popcorn non-stop. There are others that will make you need something cold and refreshing whether it's a beer, ice cream, or a popsicle.

Others might have you craving pizza or Chinese food. If you find that the strain that you smoked has you craving something you don't usually eat or something you've never tried, this is worth noting.

Taking an account of how you feel and how you react is one of the best ways to make a cannabis journal that can inform your journey.

3. Track Your Behavior

While some people generalize sativas and indica into two categories of energizing and relaxing, there are nuances and a spectrum between the two. There are hybrids that can give you a mix of both and pure strains on either side that give you the extremes.

Daily smokers who work in a creative field will often use a small amount of a sativa to stimulate their creativity and keep them working throughout the day. With the effects of a pure indica, which could leave you feeling more "stoned", you might not be able to be as active.

If you're a writer, musician, or creative, try to work while smoking a sativa. You might not be as productive as you'd be in the afternoon after a cup of coffee, but it could be an enlightening experience. If you've hit some amount of writer's block and can't get past it, marijuana could help.

4. Make a Note of Your Body's Reaction

When you smoke, set a few timers. Every 30 minutes for a couple of hours, track how your body feels, post-smoke. Part of the experience of smoking, even a sativa, is a change in your body.

While a heavy indica might make your body tingle at every sensation, a sativa might give you a similar reaction if you're sensitive to it. Every strain will be slightly different, but also make a note of how you felt before smoking.

If you hadn't eaten much throughout the day, your reaction could be more extreme as you metabolize the THC.

5. Note the Differences Between Edibles

Smoking and taking edibles give you different sets of reactions. Some people claim to get a much stronger "body high" from taking edibles while others use small amounts of edibles to enhance an event.

If you smoke and eat the same strain, see what kinds of differences you notice.

Try edibles made from the same or similar strains and see if your body reacts differently. A butter might give you one reaction when you put it on a dense and rich bread while a gummy bear and its lightness might send you soaring.

CBD edibles can give you lots of the benefits of marijuana without the feeling of being high. If you're using marijuana for an anxiety or pain medication issue, compare THC edibles to CBD edibles and track the difference.

6. Add a Control

If you're interested in how it affects your mind, why not take this opportunity to explore an interesting book you've been wanting to read. Don't make it a book you have to finish by any particular time. You'll learn a lot about your reaction to a cannabis strain based on how your brain works when you ingest it.

Return to this book each time that you smoke. If you don't remember what happened in the last chapter or are having time connecting this section of the book with the last, this strain might be powerful. If you're finding that you're okay with this, make a note otherwise this strain might not be good for you.

If you don't make it to the book at all, this strain might inspire you to be more creative. However, if you don't get to the book at all and just pass out on the couch, this might not be the most desirable reaction.

Your Cannabis Journal Could Help Others

It's likely you're not the only smoker that you know. If you tell other people about your cannabis journal, you could get friends to track their experience and you can compare notes. You'll learn more about your favourite strains while learning what else you might like.

If you want to learn more about how to keep a great cannabis journal, contact us for tips.