September 5, 2018

Girl Scout cookies Strain

What is Girl Scout Cookies?

Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC) is a sativa-leaning hybrid blend, created by West Coast breeders Cookiefam Genetics.

Growth History

The ‘Original’ Girl Scout cookies came out of the Bay area in San Francisco under Cookiefam Genetics, who are the creators of other popular strains like Gelato and Cherry Pie.  

There is some debate about the Girl Scout Cookies ancestry, which is widely believed to be a blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison. However, a little digging will tell you that the real source of this popular blend is a little more refined. The parents of the GSC blend are in fact a rare variety of Florida OG Kush, and another Cookiefam creation called F1 Durb, whose own origins remain cloaked in secrecy.  

The strain is often now referred to under different names such as GSC, after dispensaries were served with a cease and desist order by the Girl Scouts of America for trademark infringement. The strain, which is also known as Thin Mint or Platinum Cookies, has become one of the most recognizable strains on the market - with its pear shaped, dense and sticky buds coated in trichomes and glistening purple hue. GSC got its name from its doughy, chocolatey scent with subtle notes of mint, which has earned this beloved strain a place across top strains lists across the community as well as countless awards.  

Effects and Attributes  

The average THC percentage of GSC usually falls between 20%-30%, with strong doses of CBG – so a little goes a long way. The distinct chocolatey flavor comes from a mix of limonene, caryophyllene, linalool, humulene, and pinene terpenes.

Effects include full body relaxation without the lethargy and laziness you get from some other strains, making it perfect for medical use – you can still get stuff done (as long as you don’t hit it too hard). If you’re looking for an effective strain that won’t leave you completely catatonic, GSC is the perfect choice.  

Patients also experience elation and a release of cerebral tension, which is particularly effective for regulating anxiety and lifting clouds of depression, as well as stimulating creativity. Expect a refreshing, uplifting euphoria without feeling overly stoned. GSC is also highly effective at stimulating appetite, making it ideal for treating nausea.  

Negative side effects are next to minimal, other than the potential for dry mouth – so if you’re worried about paranoia or anxiety, GSC is a safe choice.  


Getting a cutting of a girl skout cookies stem is probably the hardest part about growing your own GSC – which is pretty difficult. Be wary of seed companies claiming to sell GSC without the Cookiefam Genetics seal of approval – Cookiefam are notoriously protective of their strains and don’t give away their proprietary genetics to just anyone, and only allow certain dispensaries the privilege of selling certified GSC.  

Girl Scout Cookies grow short to medium height, and flowering time indoors takes 9-10 weeks or 65 days with a lower than average yield - 10oz/ m2. Girl scout cookies has a high resistance to disease, but to really help your plant flourish it’s best to grow it somewhere where it’ll have plenty of room.  

GSC needs a lot of warmth and sunshine to thrive outside, with flowering occurring around mid-October. GSC grown outdoors will yield about 10 oz per plant.  

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